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            Brandon Grizzly is one of the New York City metropolitan area's top underground hardstyle DJs. His high energy performances and vast knowledge of music earned him a solid reputation for taking crowds on a journey through the different eras of the underground rave scene.

         Brandon Grizzly's unique style of hardstyle defines his adoration of the rave scene and always has a knack for bringing out the best in people. As a burly creature of the night, he gives people ample reason to want to hibernate during the day and party all night long.

     The love he shows for music and nightlife didn't go unnoticed. He's proud of his work with Kontaminated Recordings, his work with underground legend John Bas, and seeing his debut release "Stumbling Drunk" top Kontaminated's charts for a decent period of time.

        Make no mistake about it, Brandon Grizzly makes nightclubs roar with delight and excitement. His serving of harder style beats will leave you spellbound and asking for more.